• Shared Labor

    Shared Labor is a video-based interactive installation. Upon entering a room, the audience is confronted with a looping video of a woman sweeping. The broom she uses is physically present in the room with the audience. When a viewer picks up the broom and sweeps, the subject of the video is "freed" to perform various other actions (dancing, eating, sleeping, etc.) -- sharing the act of sweeping and creating a dialogue between the audience and subject.

    Shared Labor explores the intersection of pedestrian movement, domestic life, and object-oriented ontology.

    The core drama exists in the relationship between audience and subject of whose actions (played out in various video loops) are controlled via an everyday object -- a broom.

    The result is a "reflexive" video installation: a conversation between two actors -- one physically present and the other in video -- mediated by and oriented around a shared object that exists in both digitally recorded and physically present worlds.

    Dancer / collaborator: Mary Carter. DP: Ruvi Leider.

    Special thanks to Andy Sigler + Patchbay for providing the radio interface between broom and computer. Github here.